Journey Circles on Zoom

Journey and drumming circles take place at the Thirteenth Moon Center each month at, or close to, the Full Moon. If you are interested in participating and have shamanic journeying experience, please contact us by e-mail to be informed of exact dates of gatherings.

Whenever there is a Blue Moon – two full moons in one month, and thirteen in a year, we do an all night journey/drumming circle.


Thirteenth Moon, December 31, 2009

Silence and moonlight fill the air
The moon itself cannot be seen
Though hills are radiant with its light
The earth lies still beneath deep snow
Blue-white the snow reflects the moon
My wolf pack in a circle round me
Resting keep me safe and warm
Their spirit eyes gaze with the eyes
Of my beloved dead, complete
And whole this night.
The thirteenth moon
Is full and round, veiled now in mist
Its light infuses all that is
The forest trees in silhouette
Are watchful too. A deep compassion
Everywhere, and I am Here.

© Rhoda-Neshama Waller

“Seven of us created sacred space and kept the drum going all night till the first light. We did several journeys and a strong healing circle sending out the love, compassion and healing generated by our circle and spirit helpers. The mother crystal appeared to be evoked and came forth giving messages of clarity and communication.”