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The Shamanic Journey Class Online

Taking the online intro course with the Thirteenth Moon Center introduced me to new ways of navigating my journeying practice. It helped to anchor me, not only in my spiritual practice, but in a community. Susan and Chris created an online environment that was rich in information and practical knowledge, while also nurturing ongoing human and spiritual connection.

Chris and Susan’s online introductory course opened up new worlds for me—worlds I had only glimpsed in the past. They teach with compassion, clarity, humor and a strong sense of community. They share with you their experience and wisdom, but are always excited to see what the next journey brings. I highly recommend their introductory course for anyone interested in learning about shamanic journeying, spirit worlds or even just learning more about themself!
Introduction to Shamanism Class

It would be hard to find kinder, more experienced or wiser guides to shamanic practices than Susan and Chris, who are familiar with all aspects of this work. If you attend this invaluable and fascinating workshop, you will be taught ancient ways to access beautiful, powerful realms otherwise unavailable to us in this industrial world. As a culture, we have forgotten these extraordinary methods once familiar to all our ancestors, and the opportunity to become reacquainted with this dormant part of our souls, now offered by Susan and Chris, is a treasure. You will be empowered personally and discover ways in which we can all help each other, and work spiritually to bring our planet back to better health and wholeness. Working with Susan and Chris has deepened my own shamanic practice and positively affected my creative work as an artist. It has added profound dimensions to my life. I highly, highly recommend this class!
Bridging the Worlds

I wanted to follow up with you to say thank you and to express my gratitude for our seven-month intensive! I've learned and grown more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for your humor, patience, and guidance. I look forward to more classes with you...


My work with Susan has made a tremendous difference in feeling a deeper connection to my true self--parts of myself that I had not previously accessed. I have experienced a release of blockages that have freed me to do deeper personal work and express a sense of joy that has been missing from my life for sometime.


I was having heart problems. I had begun to show signs of ST depression on the EKGs, for which the cardiologists had no explanation. I knew there were specific events and a relationship that could have been contributing factors to the heart arrhythmia and physical symptoms. After one shamanic healing session with Susan and Chris, I walked out without any symptoms and they never returned. They described working together to do an extraction of an intrusion that was wrapped around my spine. I remember sensations of a great aching pain lodged between my back and my heart as if something was attached there, and a sense of pressure as if it did not wish to be disturbed, and then the sensation of something moving from my back, past my heart and out the front of my body. Both my husband and daughter, who were present during this healing session, said they were aware of a black mass, an area of intense darkness between your hands. I am grateful for this healing and the time you took to deal with all the complexities!


… the healing I experienced with Susan and Chris continues to unfold within my mental and emotional life. So much support, correction and insight...all so alive and active as another whole part of who ever I am. For the first time in my life I can feel myself and that I am going to be ok in trusting myself to explore the deeper more spiritual expansive human life. I want to come again for another healing in the future. I am grateful and honor the dedicated service Susan and Chris do.


I love the way I feel...whole, healthy, pain-free and alive! Thank you for being the wonderful people you are…You are beautiful examples of how one can become a channel for Spirit and assist in the healing of people's emotional, physical and spiritual dis-eases. Bless you.


Thank you again for your assistance in helping me feel more whole. I had, for many years, thought that there was something missing in my life. As a child, I thought that I was adopted or that I was literally not from this Earth. I could never put my finger on it, and it never went away…What I would like to tell you is that there is a fullness in my heart and a depth and sparkle in my eyes that I have never felt or seen before. You two are an inspiration to me as I follow my own path. I am eternally grateful.


I am still growing from my soul retrieval and I must give it, in part, credit for me being able to move forward with my life and most importantly, my spiritual practice.

I have had pain and incapacity for some months due to a number of conditions, the most debilitating being a partially-dislodged vertebra--this is called spondylolisthesis…(The healing) was a lifeand health-changing happening…The process felt extremely direct. I can't say it was "simple", because it was not, but it involved direct contact and communication with the entity that was causing my condition, allowing this entity to speak in its own voice…This would not have been possible at all, without (Susan's) gentle questions and purposeful direction. It was astounding. This pain-causing, crippling being was ushered upwards—as curls of dark grey smoke—through an opening above us. And—it is gone! As I stood up at the close of this circle, I was astounded to feel no pain—not even noticeable discomfort! ...It was just—remarkable as a phenomenon. I couldn't stop smiling! I feel so much better…it is without a shadow of a doubt, almost 90% healed. And even the chiropractor was amazed! He examined me and agreed that there was very little inflammation left and said he didn't need to give me the usual ultrasound treatment. So I am extremely pleased and inexpressibly grateful to you!

My intention was to bring energetic healing to my mind/body/spirit around my car accident…the change in how my body felt was drastic. I felt lighter, I had no physical discomfort, I was joyous and happy. I was so excited I wanted to jump for joy, scream at the beautiful moon and run around the field. (The day after,) I have no physical discomfort in my body at all. My occiput feels healthy and whole. I feel as light as a feather. I sense a shift in my body/being….it was an amazing experience to be in the very capable hands of Susan and Chris as they worked with Spirit to generate a healing that was ready to take place. It was perfect timing, with the perfect healers working with Spirit. I thank them from the bottom of my heart…I look forward to the many experiences I will have in the future that will be the results of the seeds being planted in the healing ceremony with Chris and Susan.

Birthday of the Trees

Thank you for the most wonderful weekend of trees and kabbalah! I have wanted an introduction to this fascinating "way" for years, and cannot imagine any other would have been more exciting—and more comfortable!


Hearing the actual message (a kind of voiceless voice that spoke very clearly) of the white pine made a tremendous impact on me. It was not only the communication but the content of the communication: that the consciousness of trees was different from our human consciousness in that they didn't think in terms of an individualistic "I" but rather a "we" whose purpose was actually the healthy balance of the much larger ecosystem. That live communication from the tree itself was humbling for many reasons, but strangely reassuring. …it feels like there is no way back to where I was before the fateful encounter with the tree itself. I am deeply grateful for that…as a passionate gardener and landscaper I have talked to my plants for decades. But did I really listen...really listen to them communicating back? In all honesty, did I think they could? Thank you Susan and Chris. Thank you.

Drum Circle

I wanted you to know that I had a wonderful, meaningful time with you and everyone else on the full moon. Your yurt has become my new birthplace, and I truly feel at home with you. It's a profound, nurtured feeling that I have not had in a long time (maybe never?) You (both) have given me a sense of place and community. I never knew how important that was to me until I had it. As a matter of fact, I had convinced myself I not only didn't need it, but that I could never have it. I have always felt like the outsider. I don't feel like that anymore. I have never put down roots anywhere. That is, until the other night. Surrounded by strange faces (mostly), feeling our collective energy and for the first time experiencing the power of the drum, I knew I had found it. I found my place. Although it was in a wooden yurt on the other side of the county, I knew I could take a part of it with me. I thought that you should know that you have made a difference (and not a small one).