Individual Shamanic Healing Sessions Are Ongoing

We’re offering virtual shamanic healing sessions with clients. We’ll first have a fifteen-minute phone consultation at no charge, to learn about your needs and if a video session is appropriate for you. We have a sliding fee scale. Call us to arrange a time to talk.


Psychopomp Work

Psychopomp Work is the ancient practice of helping human souls who have died to transition to the light. Susan and Chris work with spirit helpers to see whether a soul has passed on, is not yet ready, or needs help transitioning. Please contact us if you have someone in mind. We’re offering this work by donation because it’s so necessary at this time. READ MORE


In our work as shamanic practitioners we rely on the assistance of spirit teachers and power animals. We begin by creating safe sacred space for your best interest and comfort. We use a drum or rattle to alter our consciousness and connect with our spirit helpers, who offer guidance about you and your concerns, issues, and healing. Then we complete a shamanic diagnosis and share it with you so you know what to expect in the healing that follows.

Read our form pdf icon that offers specifics about ways to prepare for a healing session and caring for yourself afterwards.

Fees for healing sessions are on a sliding scale.


Shamanic diagnoses may include:

Power Loss

Spiritual power is our life force and vitality. Chronic problems, illness or trauma may cause a drain on your personal power. Some symptoms are not feeling present in your body, feeling out of balance since surgery, an accident or end of a relationship, and chronic susceptibility to illness. With the aid of spirit helpers, we will work with you to restore your personal power and hopefully resolve your symptoms.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is one active spiritual response to power loss. In times of emotional or physical distress or trauma parts of one’s soul can actually go away, leaving an inner void. The shamanic practitioner retrieves those soul parts for you, refilling the voids with your own “self”. This process may resolve serious emotional and physical distress, fears, and traumas. The soul parts returned to the physical body are healthy and strong, allowing you to experience healing in a gentle manner. The intent is for you to be more present in your body, to feel whole and centered while dealing with your personal needs and recovery. It's time to welcome yourself home.



While doing shamanic healing we sometimes extract intrusions a person may have taken on in times of weakness or trauma. Intrusions may appear to us as sticky or oily black substances, dark areas either hot or cold, or insects with stingers. We work to remove the intrusion and spiritually send it to a body of water so that it becomes transformed and won’t be a danger to others.

Shamanic extraction can alleviate illness and assist in healing during recovery. An extraction can be very helpful as a collaborative intervention to allopathic treatment or surgery. Those with depression, intrusive and compulsive thoughts often find shamanic extraction beneficial.


Compassionate Depossession

Some intrusions seem to take on human, animal or elemental form. In these cases you may be aware of something that is not of your own soul essence. With compassion, the practitioner assists this being to move into the source of spirit light. This usually causes relief from the symptoms, and you will be free to experience your own true essence once again. Soul retrieval may then be indicated to fill the void and complete the healing.

Ancestral Clearing

It’s possible to go back in time via shamanic work. Often the ancestors are waiting, ready and willing to assist in clearing past hurts and damages that have persisted over the generations or been handed down without conscious awareness. Shamanism brings forth all that was, is and will be.






“I feel like you ‘removed’ a black plug that stopped my energy flow. The backed up and suppressed energy created the depression.
- client after receiving healing


My work with Susan has made a tremendous difference in feeling a deeper connection to my true self--parts of myself that I had not previously accessed. I have experienced a release of blockages that have freed me to do deeper personal work and express a sense of joy that has been missing from my life for sometime.


“. . . the healing I experienced with Susan and Chris continues to unfold within my mental and emotional life. So much support, correction and insight...all so alive and active as another whole part of who ever I am. For the first time in my life I can feel myself and that I am going to be ok in trusting myself to explore the deeper more spiritual expansive human life. I want to come again for another healing in the future. I am grateful and honor the dedicated service Susan and Chris do.



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