Our round studio yurt provides a comfortable and peaceful space for classes, workshops and art experiences. Open fields and woods surround the building, with paths, sitting areas, and other outdoor resources for contemplation, walking, and relaxation. After your classes and sessions at the Thirteenth Moon Center, you can have easy access to miles of beautiful trails throughout this part of central Maine for hiking, snowshoeing, and experiencing nature.

Fees for classes are on a sliding scale.


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The Shamanic Journey for Power and Healing

Our class is small, with no more than ten people. You'll receive personalized attention as you enter shamanic practice. On the first day we'll teach you to explore spirit worlds and get answers for yourself and others. You'll journey to retrieve a power animal, an ally who helps you in the worlds to do spirit work. In the next day's session you'll journey to meet a spirit teacher, a wise being with messages for growth and empowerment. Once you have these basic journey skills you may take part in our shamanic drumming circle, where we meet every full moon as equal partners to call on spirit for healing, growth, and light.

March 30 and 31, 2019. Please click HERE pdf icon  for details and registration form.





The Birthday of the Trees

At this time of winter’s deepest cold and dark, a spark of life is stirring in the roots of trees, though growth hasn't yet begun. Trees can teach us about this hidden "inkling" that precedes all creating, showing us how our own inner spark can grow and flourish. An ancient Judaic holiday falls at this time—Tu b’Shevat, the birthday of trees—with kabbalistic traditions we can all access. No shamanic experience is required. In experiential form you will have the opportunity to explore the four levels of the universe using the breath, encounter the guardian spirit of a tree, breathe along with a tree's respiration, enter a tree in spirit form to ask for knowledge for ourselves and the planet, form ongoing relationships with tree spirit helpers, and envision next steps for ourselves and the world.

Sunday, January 27, 2019. Snowdate: February 3. Please click HERE pdf icon  for details and registration form.

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BRIDGING THE WORLDS: Spirits of Place and Shamanic Healing 2019

~ Intermediate Level Shamanism Training Series

This series of six weekend gatherings extends from March to October. Participants will need a working relationship with a power animal and ability to journey shamanically. You'll learn to work with spirits in the Middle World and the Upper and Lower Worlds with a deepened practice. Walking on trails and fields, you'll encounter spirits of the place, meeting rocks, seeking lessons from trees, and asking to merge with an ancient hill to form alliances, receive knowledge, and take in healing. You'll explore right relationship with the powers of weather spirits. Learning spiritual diagnosis and healing techniques, you can restore power loss and remove spiritual intrusions. Techniques of soul retrieval help people to reintegrate parts of themselves that have become separated, and places in need to become re-inspirited and healed. Psychopomp work helps human souls that have passed on but gotten lost on the way to go on to the light.

April 27-October 20, 2019. Click HERE pdf icon for full brochure and HERE pdf icon to download application.

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Shamanism and Plant Allies

Using traditional shamanic practices, and with the help of nature spirits, we'll journey to meet a teacher from our own heritage as a guide for this work.

Within the context of drumming and rattling we'll receive a personal plant spirit, connect to the spiritual manifestation of this plant ally and sit with it respectfully, attuning our breath and inner listening to its teachings.

We'll experience the world-tree on which the universe rests, and record our journeys through art, writing, or movement. You can expect to come away with a deeper awareness of your place in the community of people, plants, and spirit, basic shamanic practice in working with a plant spirit, and a refreshed soul.

Dates to be announced.

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A new group — Shamanic Support for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver for someone? Then you know how hard it gets sometimes. Those of us who take care of relatives or others with special needs know we need humans to back us up — but we also need spirits’ empowerment and support. Come to a gathering of caregivers who do shamanic journeying! If you’re a caregiver for someone, and you know how to do shamanic journeying, you’re invited!

We meet the fourth Wednesday of the month during the day. Call or email us to confirm the time.

No charge, but little anonymous contributions for firewood and propane are appreciated.

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Exploration in Art: Hiking and Touch Drawing

Making art is like walking in the forest: we slow down, come back to ourselves, yield to a deeper source of knowing. In this workshop we’ll go walking mindfully on easy to moderate wildland trails of our local land trust through forest and marshland, softening our gaze, opening ourselves to light, pattern, and impressions, welcoming amazement. Then we’ll return to our light-filled studio to do Touch Drawing, a simple yet profound process. Paper is placed over wet paint and the pressure of the fingertips creates images on the underside. Even an unconfident artist can experience the fulfillment of seeing their interior life come alive on paper as multiple new images emerge (view a one-minute video at No art experience is necessary.

Maximum group size 8. Sliding scale $80-110

Date to be announced.

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